Help Jessica have a chance at life

The most painful thing in life is not a tooth ache or a bruised finger. Not even death itself, no matter how much we fear it.

The most painful thing in life is watching a child die. Your child. The light of your soul, the purpose of your existence. Knowing that beautiful life that is resting in your arms smiling in her sleep will no longer be. A soul that has no possibility of protecting himself and cannot choose.

This is the pain we feel everytime we look at Jessica.

She was a perfect child until a month ago. Perfect. Singing, running, smiling. Then we saw signs of worry in her health and did tests. The diagnostic was cruel: BRAIN TUMOR. A big one that presses her brain and she could die anytime. We were in shock. I cannot even remember the days that followed. The surgery, the crazyness, the pain. It’s all blurred.

She came home after 5 days. She was not able to speak, walk or eat. She was looking in wane somewhere through the window. I died inside and wanted to shout.

She was like this day by day. We were desperate. But the doctor told us she will be fine, just give her time.

A couple of days later she spoke her first sentence. Gave us the first kiss.

3 weeks later, she has amazing results. She walks, smiles again, eating good and being active. She dreams about Elsa every night.

We had victory, she was recovering so well and now she is almost back to old Jessie. But 3 days ago the pathological results for the tumor came: MEDULLOBLASTOMA, a grade IV tumor that is very cancerous and agressive.

The world fell on us. She is dying. The solution is for her to start proton radiation and chemo therapy immediately. She needs this in 2 weeks maximum or her chances drop.

We will do anything to see her well. To see her grow up, having a life of her own, kids and a family. Eating ice cream. She has a whole life ahead.

Look at her smile. Yes, we love it too.




Nume: Tabita Irimia

IBAN: RO57INGB0000999908921363


Moneda: EUR




Nume: Tabita Irimia

IBAN: RO63INGB0000999908921352


Moneda: RON



Her medical documentation:

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